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The Armslist Scam

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  • The Armslist Scam

    I’ve been poking around at the scammers on this site and have found out a fair bit for anyone who care.

    First off this is generally how it starts. You see a great gun at a great price listed in “Your state, your state.” Ie no city listed. You email the poster and are told that the gun is still available but he lives in some state other than your state. Maybe he’s in the army and just moved, but he’s now out of state. He will take whatever you offer for his gun after pretending he can’t go that low. He’ll give you an address and if you send off the postal money order, you will never see that gun. Most likely that address is a vacant home (search the address and many of them show up as real estate listings).

    Now first off, many of these scammers are the Nigerian scammers. I have been in contact with recently. If I look at the message headers I see he is connecting from which if I look further is in Lagos, Nigeria. And he wants me to send the money to Stephanie at 2116 montclair st., Detroit, MI 48214. So how can he get said money? Most likely this is a work at home scam for Stephanie, and she’s cashing the checks and wiring the money to someone out of the country. I am sure some of the scammers are legitimate US scammers but most of what I’ve dealt with are people who say things like “God Bless” a lot and use slightly off English which points to Nigerians. I did see a guy in Reno who I think is running a good old US scam but I can’t be sure.

    I like to contact many of these people and just get their info. If for nothing else, you can have some fun and make ridiculous offers. Tell them your brother or sister lives in that city and can pick up for you. Or when they give you the address say ”wtf, that’s my aunt’s house she was forclosed on, etc.” Or you can pretend to get pissed off at them when they ask if you sent the money or other things and make them grovel back to you. You can also get info out of them and attempt to break up the scam. I am sending off some info to the address with a note in there telling the person they are participating in a fun fraud scam whether they know it or not. Might help someone out. I have also found addresses and mailed out info to people a house away on each side and let them know that the house next door is being used for illicit purposes. I’m avoiding posting info of the people I’m given (Stephanie in this case) because I suspect she is an unknowing pawn but perhaps I’m naïve.

    I should also mention that these people are criminals so you should be careful about screwing with them as it could be dangerous. There is also a whole web site devoted to screwing with these people called 419eater dot com.

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    keep it up! I ran into one the other day, he sent me a military id saying it is a federal crime to rip people off with a usps money order and he's military so he wouldn't do that and so on. And a fake ffl also. I emailed him on same ad with another email to see if he'd change location and sure enough he did.


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      Plenty of African scammers But I have seen some US based ones as well.
      I have run into these guys before a few times on here.
      lots of posts, mostly stolen from GB
      I spoke to Shari on the phone. I asked her for a "proof of life" photo of the rifle.
      Kind of like this. Shari I want you to take a picture with .36 cents next to the rifle: 1 quarter 2 nickels and a penny.
      Just for my own peace of mind so I know that you actually have the rifle in your possession.
      She gave a thousand excuses. But I did some research and they are unemployed scam artists living in Washington WV
      Here is the info.

      Tim and Shari Constable -
      426 Lubeck Rd.
      Washington WV 26181

      Shari 304 699 8863

      Tim 304 900 2295,

      these guys are notorious for posting ads from closed gun broker auctions and stealing the pictures and description and then putting it up on armslist as a legitimate ad.
      they are scammers. DO NOT SEND MONEY.
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        Add this guy and gal to your list of SCAMMERS folks!

        posts as Heather Raymond - email:

        his last post he was selling a Sig P238 sport for $450/-
        All his pictures were GunBroker rip-offs

        Asks you to send money to his mother in Washington.
        Very broken English.
        Uses this woman's account in Wells Fargo to have money transferred to him. I do have that account number but am not posting it.
        Don't know if she is an unwitting accomplish or his partner in this fraud scheme.

        Mary Warren
        33318 18th Lane S, F304
        Federal Way, WA 98003

        I know as I sent money and 2 weeks later no gun. Pretends that FEDEX did not give him any tracking number and that the shipment returned to him.
        Would not send me any "Proof of life" pictures that the gun really exists.

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        • RichieS
          RichieS commented
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          Add this seller to the list of SCAMMERS: Russell L. Lockhart, Baton Rouge, LA. (DogLover). Used the "sick mom" story & pretended that check never arrived. Check was cashed via Wells Fargo & rerouted to a bank in NY, as per Wells Fargo attorney, who has launched the investigation. Also, REFUSED to speak on phone because he has a "disability". Obviously, did not want his accent to be detected. BEWARE!!!!

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        Oh Boy, I was had by one of these individuals. Back in the January of this year, height of the ban scare I purchased an AR 15 from "". Said the gun and owner lived in the UP of Michigan. When I inquired he was now in Indiana. Was a Vet, so he said. Used the "God Bless" term......, a lot. Sent 1200 for a DPMS. Never saw the $ or the gun. Turns out he was using a bank account of some 77 year old women in Indiana who now lives in NC. Anyway, I continue to pay for an education even though I left college decades ago. How stupid was I!!!


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          I had a problem with a dealer on Gunbroker. Jay Fleming of Henderson, Nevada. This SOB actually stoled a brand new EAA Witness .45acp from me and told me to FUK off.
          I of course will pay a visit to his shop in Sun Valley one day and get my .45 acp out of his ass. It has been a few year's but I have not forgotten it and this guy actually thinks he got away with it. I did have black-balled on Gunbroker. But I lost a new pistol through my honesty, trust and stupidity. Never again.


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            Buy locally for cash or use an FFL as a middle man. Problem solved. Next?


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              I treat Armslist just like Craigs List, If you can't meet me face to face with cash or the firearm just forget about it. I live in the middle of Virginia so I can travel to most towns in 3 hours or less. I would never send a money order to anyone I don't know based on a few pictures. If a deal looks too good it's most likely a rip off especially these days and Armslist is divided into States for a reason. If you are willing to send money across the country based on a few pictures and a email or two then you will most likely get exactly what you deserve, SCREWED! I'm not trying to be harsh just realistic. Only deal face to face in a very public place and bring an armed friend along just for safety...


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                Buy locally for cash or use an FFL as a middle man. Problem solved. Next?
                This. Without question.


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                  Exact same thing happened to me! I never sent the guy money, but he kept e-mailing me asking: "do we still have a deal". I through up A RED FLAG because as soon as he gave me his address and I Google mapped it and there was no house at the address. It was in the middle of nowhere. Here's the address he gave me: Sheryl peters

                  200 mclendon rd

                  Franklin, KY 42134

                  He told me he moved out of Hampton Roads, VA (Where I'm located).

                  Another reason I knew it was a scam is because he told me he would take $900 for a Springfield M1A which are going for $1500+ right now... If you can even find them.

                  Just look out for scams, guys. They're everywhere!


                  • w8asa
                    w8asa commented
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                    I've tried to purchase two M1As from people who posted on Armslist. Both were fraudulent. One said he was in Ohio, but he was actually in Texas. The other claims to be selling his "Brand New" M1A, and that he lives in Alliance, Ohio. Selling to get money because his cell phone was cut off.... He still hasn't gotten back to me about a meeting place. "Brand new" M1A @ $1250? If it stinks, it's rotten.

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                  I like the idea of fckin' with their heads. God Bless....


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                    Henderson and Sun Valley are a long ways apart! I live in Sun Valley. We're just north of Reno while Henderson is down by Vega's


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                      I am looking at a Colt Python for $1850 listed on the 4th of July as NC and on the 5th as PA




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                        What happens when we flag a listing as a scam? Do a few people need to flag it, or can they spot them right away?


                        • Echelon
                          Echelon commented
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                          Typically multiple people have to flag it for them to delete the post. You can always alert Andrew here on the forum, in the Official Scam Thread and he can take care of it from there.

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                        This guy has 6 listings in 6 different states, 6 different firearms. The one below is for a 2 inch Python for $1459. SCAM!